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Strategic Planning
Program Planning and Design
Continuous Improvement

What do we offer to support your program planning and design?

We have proven tools and processes that have helped agencies plan their next move for greater impact. Whether developing a new program, revisiting existing services or building the vision for a new stage in your organisation, our planning frameworks will help you identify key priorities and strengthen strategic alignment. 

Outcomes Focused

By prioritising a strong articulation of outcomes and key priorities we help agencies focus their activities and resources on what is most important. We believe the basis of strategic decision-making is having a strong vision to align to, and through our tools, exercises and discussions we will help you clarify this.

Information Bridging

When designing or reviewing programs we strive to use best practices, evaluation and research in ways that also reflect your real-world experiences. Our goal is to adapt useful information to your specific needs, so that program managers can readily use evaluation results to shape programming decisions, or staff clearly understand how best practices can realistically be used in their day to day work.

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