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Evaluation and Monitoring

What does it look like when we apply our approach to your learning projects?

We’ve seen too many research and evaluation projects that fail to focus on how deliverables and reports are used once they’ve been produced. That’s why we’re certain you’ve come across that wonderfully impressive literature review that no one ever read. Or that evaluation framework that looked fantastic, but it never really impacted the way people worked. We employ a utilisation-focused lens in all our research and evaluation projects to ensure that our deliverables actually add strategic value to your work. We do this by employing:

Meaningful Methods

We believe in flexibly using a range of qualitative and quantitative methods that meet the specific needs of your work. Our experience with a wide range of rigorous approaches used in Canada and internationally means that we match methods to the project, not the other way around.

Shareable Reporting

We embrace diverse formats for sharing information with different audiences. Sometimes this means that we will produce research reports that meet strict academic standards; at other times we would choose to facilitate storytelling events focused on the full depth and meaning of people’s experiences. Ultimately, our aim is to share information in a way that truly resonates with those that need to know about it.

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